Sustainable Fashion – How to Reduce Your Footprint

While most consumer goods, such as food and medicine, have grown more costly over time, clothing has become cheaper. Today, the average shopper buys much more clothing than they did a few decades ago, but keeps items half as long. The rise of fast fashion in Australia means 6,000 kilograms of clothing is dumped in landfill every 10 minutes. Unfortunately, cheap clothing has a high cost for people and the planet. This is not sustainable fashion, so if you care about the earth and the people who live in it then you probably agree that it’s time to look for alternative ways to shop. What can you do to reduce your fashion footprint?

Shop smarter

With so many fast fashion retailers around, it’s quite easy to get distracted and end up buying more than you need. Sustainable fashion experts recommend abstaining from buying mass-produced items as they normally create more waste in the long run. Instead of buying several cheap items, try investing a little more in something that has a longer shelf-life. When buying a new garment, always check for quality and longevity of the fabric.

Support eco-conscious brands 

For shoppers who are both eco-conscious and budget conscious, used clothes are a great option option. However, especially when it comes to activewear and swimwear, it’s not always possible to find many alternatives. That’s where eco-conscious brands come in. You can use them to fill the gaps in your wardrobe without sacrificing your principles. Source ethically-made clothes and support companies that use sustainable techniques. Also, remember to check where the item was made and lookout for countries deemed high-risk for labour violations. Common sense is if you can buy leggings for $10, chances are there was some cost-cutting done along the way.

Support local small businesses

When you shop at a small local business, you are not helping a chain store, you are usually supporting a local family. Smaller brands often have the means to manufacture and source locally and ethically because of smaller quantities. You may pay more for these goods versus similar items at chain retailers, but you’re paying for the peace of mind that comes with ethical production.

Hatha Clothing Initiatives 

We are proud to say that we make our Yoga pants in an ethical and sustainable way using the first biodegradable polyamide fabric in the world, toxin free and quickly decomposing after its disposal in the landfill. The fabric manufacturing process uses recycled water and incorporates a philosophy of absolute absence of products that are harmful to the human skin or the environment. We make all our products in Brazil following the employment conditions from the Ministry of Labour’s high standard and we treat every person involved in our business with respect and they receive a fair pay.

“There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness”

Mahatma Gandhi

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