BAHE 4mm Ecomat Pro

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The Ecomat pro is a hybrid mat made of eco-conscious materials. The top side is made from a range of renewable bio-based feedstock and features a textured ventilation hole design, while the bottom side is reinforced with a coat of recycled natural rubber to ensure your mat lays flat on the floor. Due to the nature of materials used as a feature of this mat, some flecking and some small variations in colour across the top side of the mat, may be present.


61 cm x 173 cm (24” x 68”) | 4 mm (0.15”) | 1.9 kg (4.1 lb)
Ideal for yin / ashtanga / vinyasa
Made of eco-conscious materials
Hybrid structure
Cushioning & support
Breathable design
Care / wash your mat with cold water and gentle oil-free soap. Hang it to air dry before rolling up. Always avoid direct exposure to sunlight.


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