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Hatha Clothing is an ethical and sustainable Yoga and Activewear label based on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. Our mission is to inspire others to live a healthy and more conscious lifestyle, offering unique products that are ethically sourced and manufactured with minimal footprint on the planet. Our beautiful limited edition pants are made with Amni® soul Eco, the first biodegrade polyamide fabric in the world, toxin-free and environmentally friendly, quickly decomposing after its disposal in the landfill. In addition to the functional properties (soft touch, breathable, durable, easy care, quick drying, antibacterial and UV protection), our fabric has a second-skin feel and it is extremely comfortable for everyday wear.

“There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness” Mahatma Gandhi


Hatha Clothing started in 2013, when our founder Paula Magrani decided to start a new project. After working for 10 years in the health and fitness industry and motivating many people to create positive lifestyle changes, she felt inspired to build a brand to reflect some of her passions and values: appreciation for well-made activewear, sustainable living and a belief that we are all responsible for making the world a better place.

We began showcasing our garments at markets and Yoga festivals in Australia and not long after that (thanks to technology!) we were able to spread the love for Hatha Clothing all over the world. 


Our products are ethically made in Brazil and the employment conditions follow the Ministry of Labour’s high standard. Every person involved in our business is treated with respect and receives a fair pay.
Our fabrics are sourced from suppliers that are well renowned for their efforts towards continuous improvement of its fabrics and services, while seeking to optimize resources, production and energy efficiency, resource preservation and reduced environmental impact. The fabric manufacturing process uses recycled water and incorporates a philosophy of absolute absence of products that are harmful to the human skin or the environment.
We we make every effort to minimise plastic usage and waste, and we use recycled paper for stationery and packaging.


Hatha Clothing is a team who not only believe in the product, but also live an active and conscious lifestyle. We are passionate about Yoga and meditation, and love spending time outdoors. We value truth, right action towards others and the environment. We embrace personal growth, live and breathe with kindness and love.

customers will get


Free standard shipping Australia wide on orders over $150


Limited numbers of prints and we do not repeat them


Extremely light and comfortable fabrics


Great value, leggings from $50


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